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Dhruv Goel is a Los Angeles based composer and music producer. Born in Lucknow (India), Dhruv grew up in New Delhi studying vocal Indian Classical music under Pandit Nirmalaya Dey. He then went on to study Music Production from Berklee College of Music in Boston.

Dhruv has composed music for films such as To The Letter (CBS), Thank You, Come Again (Visual Communications) and video games such as Folklore Hunter (developed by Liquid Donkey Games). He has produced music for the TV music series Shake Your Tail with Chip N' Dale (Disney) and has worked as an orchestrator on the TV show Mira, Royal Detective (Disney). Dhruv's music has also featured on TV shows such as Haunted (Netflix), Little Women: Atlanta (Lifetime) and Guy’s Grocery Games (Food Network).

Dhruv has written over 60 songs/tracks for Facebook's Music Initiative which are used on videos created for Facebook platforms such as: Facebook Video, Instagram Video and Instagram Reels. Videos featuring these compositions have accumulated over 100 millions views.

Dhruv Goel Image
Dhruv Goel Image

Dhruv has worked at Hans Zimmer’s Remote Control Productions as a vocalist and additional composer on movies such as Todo Mal (Traziende Films) and Sky Hunter (Spring Era Films Co). He has also worked as a music copyist on movies such as X:Men Apocalypse (20th Century Fox), La La Land (Lionsgate) and Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Walt Disney Studios).

Dhruv released his artist sound sample packs with Splice Sounds called The Lab: Indian Rhythms (2018) and Splice Explores: Recycling (2020).







Location: Los Angeles

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